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Exercise isn’t just for top athletes and the super fit. By exercising regularly, you will discover many more reasons why exercise is so important to improving the quality of your life. Exercise reduces stress, lifts moods and helps you sleep better.

The Kinetik Heart Rate Monitor gives you an accurate measurement of how hard your body is working by tracking your Heart Rate during exercise. This enables you to adjust the intensity of your exercise and also if you need to allow your body more recovery time.


  • Current, maximum and average Heart rate display
  • Waterproof watch to 30m and showerproof Chest strap
  • Handlebar clip included for cycling
  • Calorie and Fat burn Counters
  • Watch displays time/date, heart rate, stopwatch and alarm with a useful backlight.

The Kinetik Heart Rate Monitor includes a large easy to read, LCD watch and a chest transmitter to be worn during exercise to continuously monitor and transmit your heart rate.

Discreet and easy to use whilst exercising, the Kinetik Heart Rate Monitor, provides the ideal incentive to improve and track your Fitness levels.


Is the heart rate monitor waterproof?

The watch portion of the product is waterproof and can be worn as a normal watch, the chest strap is splash proof, but should not be submerged in water.

Can I use other manufacturer's chest strap or watch with my heart rate monitor?

The watch and the strap are not compatible with other manufacturer’s devices. However some gym equipment does recognise and pick up the signal from the chest strap.

I have lost my instructions, what can I do?

Simply click 'Download user guide' for your selected model below:

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