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Changes in body temperature, higher or lower, can indicate the start of an illness. It is particularly important to identify any significant changes in a child’s temperature.

The Kinetik range of Thermometers are an ideal addition to your medicine cabinet. They are designed to offer a simple, accurate way to take a temperature and provide you with the assurance you need to monitor your family’s health and wellbeing.


  • Non-contact, 1 second infra-red reading
  • In built Fever alarm
  • Suitable from Birth
  • 25 reading memory

The Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer uses infra-red technology to take an accurate temperature within one second. This allows you to take the temperature of the whole family hygienically and discreetly and removes the need to disturb those who are sleeping.

The Kinetik Non-Contact Thermometer has three modes which allow you to measure body, room and surface temperature displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.


  • Quick, accurate 1 second infra-red reading
  • Fever alert display
  • 10 reading memory

The Kinetik Ear Thermometer is a quick and easy way to take a temperature to avoid distress, particularly in young children. Hygienic disposable probe covers provide increased accuracy to help you identify illness and understand if fever reducing medication is required and also then taking effect.

The Kinetik Ear Thermometer is easy to hold with an ergonomic design and a useful storage bag.



How do you use the inner ear thermometer correctly?

For children under 1 year of age, pull the ear straight back to ensure the ear canal is straight, then insert the probe into the ear canal to take a measurement. For children over 1 year of age, and adults, pull the ear back and up to straighten the ear canal and then insert the probe into the ear canal to take a measurement.

Do I have to use a probe cover?

Yes, the cover ensures the lens remains free from any contaminants while in use, this is important in order to maintain the accuracy of the readings. You MUST use a new probe cover for each reading.

How do you use the non-contact thermometer correctly?

Ensure the area of the forehead you choose to read from is clear from hair or water before taking a reading. Remove the cover and position the end of the thermometer 2-5cm from the skin surface. After pressing the scan button, you should have a reading within 1-2 seconds.

Should I press it on the skin?

No, this thermometer is designed to read and calculate the body temperature at a distance of 2-5cm from the skins surface.

What is a normal temperature?

Body temperature varies depending on age, time of day and the ambient temperature. It is advisable to establish what the users' normal temperature is.

I have lost my instructions, what can I do?

Simply click 'Download user guide' for your selected model below:

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